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Free Shipping Over $100!

What is Remy Human Hair?

Remy hair is known as the finest quality, 100% human hair available on the market.  Remy hair extensions and wigs are second to none if you're keen on a flawless, completely natural look. Remy hair is considered to be the best quality human hair because the hair cuticles have been preserved and aligned. Keep in mind that the hair cuticle is the hair shaft's outermost layer that has a protective function and gives the hair shine.

With non-Remy hair extensions, despite feeling soft and silky initially, you will soon notice that they are prone to tangling, matting, and shedding, in addition to feeling brittle and hard once their silicone coating wears off. One of the main benefits of Remy hair extensions is that the cuticles are left intact instead of being stripped, thus offering optimal protection and durability. Another benefit is that the strands are going in the same, natural direction from root to tip, which not only helps prevent tangling and matting but also gives your hair a luscious, sleek look and smooth texture.

When looking for the best Remy hair extensions, it's in your best interest to choose a high-end brand like Pure Hair that is committed to excellence in Remy hair extensions. This is achieved by ensuring the highest standards in the hair industry are continuously met when collecting the hair from the donors and processing the bundles of hair. All hair cuticles are perfectly intact and lay neatly close to each other, protecting your locks against tangling and other hair problems and making your locks look extra shiny.

With Pure Hair Extensions, you can also take advantage of the tester pieces in the form of 1-clip wefts that allow you to see beforehand how they blend with your own hair, both colour- and texture-wise. Committed to exceptional customer service, Pure Hair stands behind each and every Remy hair extension with a craftsmanship guarantee. Shop with peace of mind and start running your fingers through the flawless, natural-looking, and shiny locks you've always dreamed of.